Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Taking the reins!

Hi, Dina here!

Plate with an egg on avocado toast, with fresh fruit and a flower
Six weeks into our new experience as Innkeepers at A Butler’s Manor and Ralph and I are finally feeling as though we’re getting in our groove. We arrived on April 1st enthusiastic, energized, a little nervous and oh, so naïve!

Kim and Chris were handing their “baby” over to us. Their pride and joy – the spectacular English gardens that Chris is deeply devoted to, their immaculate home which they have lovingly opened to guests for the past 17 years and just as precious, the guests themselves (brand new and frequent fliers) who we planned to take care of as though they were our own family. Gulp.

First, a bit of history about how we wound up as Innkeepers for 6’s something I’ve always wanted to do (hasn’t everybody?). Ralph wasn’t quite as eager as I was, at first. An introvert by nature, he wasn’t sure how he’d fare with the constant flow of people in and out of the house and daily meet and greets, but we agreed that I’d take on the lion’s share of cooking and hosting and he’d be back of the house, managing the administrative part of our new responsibility and tinkering in the garden, keeping the grounds immaculate.

Smiling group of people in garden with cherry tree in bloomNow I often find him chatting it up with guests in front of the fire, telling stories about what it’s like to own restaurants in New York and curiously asking guests to share a bit about their lives in England, Australia, Germany, New Jersey or wherever they’re from. I notice him wandering out into the dining room offering to refill coffees, just to have an excuse to ask them about their dinner the night before. He’s a natural.
close up of bleeding hearts flowers in garden 
Together we agreed that we’ve always wanted our lives to be a series of adventures. We’ve lived up to that promise to each other, sometimes going out on a limb to help the other follow a dream. In the end, it wasn’t hard to convince him that living in the Hamptons for 6 months, hosting interesting people and being part of their Hampton’s vacation experience was going to be fun and would satisfy our craving for something new.

Living in a ski town in Colorado enticed many of our friends and family to come visit often, so we are natural hosts and enjoy the experience. This adventure is a genuine extension of who we are and Kim and Chris have masterfully equipped us with all of the tools we need to succeed.

As they handed over “the baby” and headed west, we felt like new parents slowly learning to rely on our own instincts and putting procedures in place that helped us function as real Innkeepers. Once a guest asked me if I felt like I was “playing house.” I smiled and replied, “Yes, that’s exactly how it feels!” And I don’t mind one bit foraging the garden in the pouring rain for flowers to decorate my breakfast plates . . .

Woman in a rain slicker cutting flowers from the garden

It’s early May and still off-season, quiet and calm, but not for long. The calm before the storm as they say. Because we’re still new at this, the Manor has felt busy, but we know better. Very soon, the Hamptons will be in full swing as tourists flock to enjoy the pristine beaches, charming villages and renowned art galleries. They’ll spend their afternoons enjoying the scenery at the festive wineries or at the Montauk Music Festival. They’ll spend their evenings reveling in the top-notch restaurants and the brand new “pop-ups” shops and eateries that make cameo appearances during the busiest summer months.

stone steps to a sparkling pool, cherry blossoms in the foregroundOur phone is ringing off the hook as people secure their accommodation at this sweet spot, using it as a haven to return to after their full and fun days of driving out to Montauk or the North Fork or using this cool article as a guide to fill their days, Memorial Day weekend and well into the summer.

We’re grateful to Kim and Chris for their trust and for this unique opportunity. We’re eager to make new friends, explore this fabulous area and make  A Butler’s Manor a home for ourselves as well as our guests for the summer. 

We look forward to meeting you when you visit our Southampton bed and breakfast!

--Dina Ferrante, Manager


  1. There’s no such event as the Sag Harbor Annual Garden Tour and the link provided here is for an ARF garden tour that took place in 2014. If you’re new to the area, you should do your research before directing your guests to events that don’t exist, when there are so many actual events you could promote.

  2. Thanks, Sally, for your diligence in clicking through the links and finding this bad one. I've removed it. Please feel free to share other noteworthy events with me -- I'd love to promote the relevant ones to our guests!